Subscription Information

2020 Subscription Plan Details

SouthEast Regional EMS subscription offers protection to residents and their families from the worry of large out of pocket expenses associated with medical transportation by ground ambulance. Our low annual plans buys coverage for all health insurance out of pocket copays.

Plan Levels Include: Household Plan $70.00, Individual Plan for $50.00, and a 65+ Individual plan for $35.00.


  • No out of pocket expense for health insurance copays.
  • No fee for treatment without transport.
  • Unlimited transports to local hospitals and specialty facilities.
  • Significant savings on ambulance transport for subscribers without health insurance coverage.
  • No fee for lift assists.
  • 20% Savings on scheduled wheelchair van transports.
* Health insurance deductibles are the financial responsibility of the insured patient, please consult your health insurance for your plan specific details.

* SEREMS subscription program is not a health insurance nor supplemental insurance program. 

Revised 4/16/2020







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