SouthEast Regional EMS (SEREMS) officially came into existence on October 1, 2017. SEREMS is the result of a merger between Elizabeth Township Area EMS and Jefferson Hills Area Ambulance Association.

SouthEast Regional EMS serves eight communities previously served by the independent agencies.  These include the Alleghency County municipalities of Jefferson Hills, Elizabeth Township, West Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Forward Township, Lincoln Borough, Liberty Borough, and Union Township in Washington County. In 2018, SEREMS was also named the primary EMS provider for the City of Clairton. The organization operates from main stations located in Jefferson Hills and  Elizabeth Township but routinely stages and repositions units throughout the service area to enhance emergency medical service community resources and reduce overall response times.

SEREMS continues to offer its subscription programs that assist members (subscribers) by reducing balances left unpaid by insurance companies when services are provided.  We also continue with our public education, flu shot and all of the programs the communities currently have come to rely on.

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